Youth Art Month
What is YAM?

In 1961, the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc., (a nonprofit association of art and craft material manufacturers) founded Youth Art Month as an art education advocacy program. The goal would be promoting the value of art and quality art education in school systems across America. Each year during the month of March, special events are held at the local, state and national levels throughout the U.S. to increase understanding and recognition of the importance of art and art education to our children and our future.

The Youth Art Month national theme is "Start with Art. Learn for Life." It expresses art's importance, celebrates the rich gifts of our diversity, and acknowledges the varied forms of artistic expression. YAM provides a forum for acknowledging skills that are not possible in other subject areas. Art education develops self-esteem and self-expression as well as appreciation for the work of others. It also develops critical thinking skills that are important as children continue their education and as they enter the working world. Our fast changing environment will require that our future leaders - our children - be creative and imaginative in problem solving. Students involved in the arts learn these skills!

During the month of March, the observance spotlights art education through proclamations, endorsements and local exhibits.

Advocacy Video

"Let Them Be Heard"

by RIAEA Executive Member Susan Sward

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