Become a YAM Sponsor

Why become a YAM sponsor?

Being a YAM sponsor has a lot of benefits; you will have a huge impact on art education advocacy in the state of Rhode Island. You will be supporting Rhode Island's youngest artists and helping to make RIAEA YAM successful. In addition, your logo and information will be seen across the state of Rhode Island:

Added benefits of becoming a sponsor:

  • Each child participating in the events receives a ribbon and certificate. The certificate will proudly display your business logo.
  • Posters, which mention your corporate sponsorship, will be displayed at each exhibit. Student artworks will be copied onto the posters and postcards used for promotional purposes.
  • All YAM RI press releases will mention the support of your business.
  • The YAM RI website will post a link to the your company website on every page.
  • Your commitment to YAM is mentioned or recognized in promotional and advocacy pamphlets.

It does not take a sponsorship of thousands of dollars to become an active sponsor. Both personal and business sponsorship may begin as low as $50.00.

For information about Youth Art Month in the state of Rhode Island, please contact:

Susan Kolenda
YAM Chairperson
Lincoln High School
135 Old River Road
Lincoln, RI 02865

e-mail: kolendas@lincolnps.org

Advocacy Video

"Let Them Be Heard"

by RIAEA Executive Member Susan Sward

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